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So, you want to Lose Weight Fast?

It’s no secret that we can all lose weight fast if we can take control of our diet and workout more. "YES, that is the struggle!" We hear you say.

But what if there were some products that can make this journey less of a struggle for you?

At Skinny Coffee and Clothing Ireland we have a range of products that are designed to help you to lose weight fast.  Our great tasting Skinny Coffee is made up of key weight loss ingredients that are designed to help to reduce your appetite! When you eat less it means that you are consuming less calories. This leads you to lose weight fast and will help you to take control of your eating habits. Simply replace your regular morning coffee with our great tasting Skinny Coffee and you will see and feel the benefits.  Managing your diet has never been easier! 

Our coffee is made from 100% natural ingredients & is Gluten Free.  Invest in yourself and sip your way to happier healthier you.

Our amazing Neoprene Clothing will help you to lose weight fast by making you sweat more and burn more calories when you walk, run or workout.  Check out our range of products here and start your journey to happier healthier you.

Other Benefits of Our Skinny Coffee Include: 

✔️ Controls appetite ✔️ Regulates sugar absorption ✔️ Regulates fat absorption ✔️ Promotes brain health and focus ✔️ Elevates mood ✔️ Antioxidant