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Neoprene Clothing for Weight Loss

Neoprene Clothing for Weight Loss

The Neoprene clothing is made using similar material found in wetsuits.  The neoprene clothing available at Skinny Coffee Ireland is specially designed to wear during workout or exercise, to help you to lose more weight.  The neoprene clothing is a great addition to any weight loss journey or fitness regime as they help to target stubborn areas of fat.  They help to flatten your tummy, smooth back bulges and reduce love handles, the leggings will help to target the fat on your thighs and legs!

The material in the neoprene clothing works by increasing the heat of your body, which leads to more sweating, which leads to weight loss. The fat burning process is rapid and you will feel the difference whether you walk, run or work out while wearing it.

The Neoprene Clothing Range and What They Do

Neoprene Clothing from Skinny Coffee Ireland

⭐The Body Shaper Belts:

We have two types of belt shapers. The front opening belt shaper is a high-quality shaper which is designed to target the fat on the tummy and sides.  The great thing about this belt shaper is that it adjusts as you lose weight. 
The other type of belt shaper that we offer is a cheaper entry-level belt shaper.  This also targets the fat on the tummy and sides.  You must step into this, and over time it will stretch.  It is an ideal product if you would like to try out the neoprene belt before purchasing the higher quality body shaper belt. It is priced accordingly.

⭐The Body Shaper Vests For Him & Her

We have a range of different vests available.  For the ladies, we have 2 different types. Which one suits you? Well, that depends on your needs! The Hot Body Shaper Weight Loss Vest ticks all the boxes.  It is designed to target the fat on your tummy, back, waist and chest.  It offers superb back support. This vest comes with an adjustable belt to the front which is great as you lose those pounds! It is very popular with fitness people, particularly women who lift weights. 

The Neoprene Body Shaper Vest /Tank top is designed to target the fat around your tummy back and sides.  It sits comfortably underneath your bra.  It causes a compression and acts as a waist shaper.  This vets/tank top is ideal to wear under your clothes as it is thin and discreet.  It is extremely effective when worn during a workout, walking or even cleaning the house! 

Neoprene clothing for weight loss for men. We currently stock two Neoprene Vests for men, both serve the same purpose.  They target the fat on the tummy, back, sides and chest.  These vests are extremely popular with footballers and gym users. One of the vests has a side zip opening which makes it easier to take off after a workout.

⭐Washing Your Neoprene Clothing

You should wash your neoprene clothing by hand or on a cool wash.  You should let it dry flat.  Do not place in the tumble dryer as it with shrink and/or lose shape.


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