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The Body Shaper Leggings and Sweat Belt Put to the Test

The Body Shaper Leggings and Sweat Belt arrived last week and I was tasked with putting them to the test.  When I opened the package the first thing that I noticed wa
s the chemical smell that came from them, although I didn’t notice it after 5 minutes of wearing them.   The body Shaper Leggings are knee length, to my delight because I got to show off my post-holiday tanned legs!   What I noticed next was that they are very comfortable, they fit like a glove and my bum looked smoother in the body shaper leggings than in my normal gym leggings. Bye bye cellulite :) 


lady wearing the Body shaper leggings and sweat belt

In order to put them to the ultimate test, I decided that I would wear them to my Saturday morning fitness class which lasts 45 minutes.  It is a circuit training class so there is a wide variety of exercises that includes plenty of stretching, bending and flexing.


I could feel my body temperature rising as I was driving to the gym so the body shaper leggings got to work immediately.  During my workout I was actually surprised how stretchy the body shaper leggings are, they were comfortable throughout the workout except for when I was doing some squats.  The leggings are low rise, meaning that they sit low on your waist (and bum when you squat).  I was wearing the body shaper sweat belt so I didn’t expose my underwear to the rest of the people in the class.  I would suggest wearing a long t-shirt if you are concerned about flashing your undies in the gym!

The body shaper leggings and sweat belt most definitely made a difference to my workout, I was sweating a lot more than usual, in fact, I never sweat around the tricky tummy area in my regular workouts but today my tummy was soaked.   At the end of the class, I pulled back the leggings and the sweat belt to see what it was like underneath and they were quite damp, although they didn’t feel wet on the outside.

My overall opinion of the body shaper leggings and sweat belt is that they definitely help you to work up a sweat and quickly burn off more calories.  It’s too early to tell how effective they are in aiding weight loss.  I plan to continue wearing them, from my first experience I can see that they can only add to my weight loss journey.

Pros; Stylish, comfortable, gives a smoother appearance on legs and bum, helps to sweat in those hard to reach areas aka tummy and thighs, knee length, stretchy, discreet, great value for money.

Cons; A strong chemical smell at first, slightly noisy, low rise.


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